On the inside, I am an intuitive, free-spirit,  energy enthusiast, tree-hugger, nature lover

 It all started to make sense. I began to heal my guilt and deep rooted emotional struggles, while at the same time learning self-love. Like many of you reading this, my healing journey is on-going and there will be bumps in the road. I’m often torn between indulging in a glass of wine versus sipping on a healthy green tea. 
In order to stay on track, I anchor back to my meditation classes, practicing yoga, connecting with like-minded souls and attending live lectures or workshops. I am on a continuous path seeking new ways to heal my mind, body and soul.

My sister and I have combined our love for all things spiritual and healing in order to help you on your journey. We can relate to the fact that you are pursuing your purpose or simply wanting to heal something in your life. It’s difficult to know where to turn to or how to begin. You found us and are here for a reason! We are all in this together…and as our mantra states…We heal together!

Hi Im suzanne

On the outside, I am an outgoing, fun-loving, busy-bee mother of one with an innate entrepreneurial spirit.
My passion in life has always been to connect like-minded people who love spirit talk and soul searching in order to heal themselves and others. Life had to throw me some obstacles, however, in order to realize my passion. Like Michelle, I have struggled with anxiety and bouts of depression my entire life. I also found it difficult to be a “free spirit” in this modern day world that holds high expectations of women. Not only did I feel pressure from society, I held myself to a high standard as a wife, mother, employee and friend. I found myself slipping off of my path, feeling lost and almost “stuck”.

I wanted to gain independence, find my own identity, yet didn’t quite know what that looked like or where to begin. I decided that something needed to change, so I embarked upon my own healing journey. I began doing research and started reading self-improvement books. I found Hay House Radio, where I would listen to  healers, mediums, coaches and gurus talk about things that resonated with me. I became almost obsessed
    with discovering how I can help myself get back on track and eventually teach others how to do the same.  My journey ultimately led me into a local mystical shop that connected me to my spiritual mentor and Reiki teacher. My mentor opened up a new realm of possibilities that I have been searching for my entire life.



the formal stuff

• Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Marketing degree
• Masters in Business Administration from The University of San Diego
• Reiki Master Certified Practitioner (Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage)
• Doreen Virtue Chakra Energy Healing Certification


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